Children Also Need to Perform Physical Activity

Physical activity is the need of every person, including children. It must be thoroughly understood by parents. Because physical activity is not only done as part of the routine, but indeed as the points required to be present in every child’s daily life.
Why physical activity in children is very important?
Same with adults, children need physical activity to maintain a healthy body in general. Specifically, enough physical activity in children can help control weight and avoid obesity in children can adversely affect her later in life.
Physical activity can also help finalize the motor development of children with the many movements that he did. In addition, research conducted by at 275 children aged about 8 years prove that physical activity provides a good influence for children’s sleep patterns.
In addition to getting a healthy body, physical activity also helps children to build good relationships with peers. By mingling through physical activity in public places, the child will become more confident, more easily make friends and more cheerful.
American Heart Association mention that children who are less active has the potential to grow into individuals who are passive in the future.
How long and what kind of physical activity suitable for children?
The American Heart Association recommends that children aged 2 years and older should perform at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, with a pleasant moderate intensity and varies according to the developmental age of the child.
The duration of physical activity for 60 minutes this should not be done on an ongoing basis. For example, the child is only able to move for 30 minutes, then in every day to do two periods of activity with a duration of 30 minutes each, or 4 periods with a duration each for 15 minutes.
The type of physical activity that can be done is also adjusted for age, sex, and stage of physical and emotional development of children. In infants or younger children, physical activity can be done with the game while stimulating the movement of rolling over, sitting, crawling, grabbing and grasping objects. Make sure the playground and surrounding environment safe.
In older children, the activity can be increased by taking her exercise. The type of exercise that can be selected, such as cycling, jogging, or calisthenics gymnastics.
However, the dose and type of physical activity that has been mentioned above is not an absolute thing nor a form of strict rules. However, adjust to the capabilities of each child and do not forget to insert the game fun so that children feel happy and excited when doing physical activity.

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