Eating and exercise

Eating and exercise are two things that cannot be separated. To be able to do sports activities properly, the body needs enough energy from food sources. The type and composition of the food consumed prior to exercise may vary depending on the type of sport that we will do. In addition, the type of food we ate was also very influential in our performance during exercise. One composition or wrong time to eat before exercise, with the intention of adding energy, may actually make the body becomes weak and will feel heavy in the exercise.
If you want to do a little exercise in the morning such as walking a short distance, a glass of water to be consumed before exercise may be enough as additional fluid intake. For light activity within close walking in the morning, the body does not require a lot of extra energy. However, if you intend to add distance, or intensity to lightweight running, the remaining energy of the dinner you may not be able to meet your energy needs exercise. There is a need for additional intake in order to increase the energy consumed before exercise.
Intake can you eat before and after exercise, among others:

  1. Cereal or whole wheat bread
    Wheat fiber is good for consumption 30 minutes before exercise. Carbohydrate content in wheat fiber will be released in stages, so the energy will remain intact as long as you exercise. Wheat is a food that contains vitamin B and functions to help convert carbohydrates into energy.
  2. Low-fat milk
    Milk contains many proteins that are particularly useful in the process of rehabilitation of muscles after your sporting activities. In addition, milk contains many proteins that are also able to prevent muscle damage that sometimes arises as the effects of exercise.
  3. Bananas
    Bananas are a good food to be consumed before exercise. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and very easy to be digested by the body so as to produce instant energy that is ready for use. Potassium contained in bananas is very useful to nourish the nerves and muscles. However, potassium cannot last long in the body. Therefore, eat a banana 30 minutes before exercise to maintain the levels of carbohydrates and potassium in the blood remains high.
  4. Yogurt and fruit
    Fruits contain carbohydrates are easily broken down into energy. While yogurt contains good protein to consume in order to assist the rehabilitation of muscles after your sporting activities. The combination of yogurt and fruit is a good source of food to be consumed before exercise.
    Wise in choosing foods that can support your needs before and after your sports activities. Portions and types of food are required varies greatly in each person and is very dependent on the sport what would you do. Happy exercising!

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