Healthy Breakfast Menu for Your Diet

You would often hear the advice passed down from parents who said that breakfast is the most important meal in the whole day. So do not ever skip breakfast.
Sometimes we missed breakfast by reason of busy, no time, looking for a lazy breakfast or dieting. But apparently the breakfast has a myriad of benefits, especially for those who are dieting:
• Reduce snacking desires
At 11 o’clock in the morning is often the time “critical”. Want breakfast was already late, I still like to have lunch responsibility. Then what is the solution? None other is not, you will definitely snacking. Try to take time for breakfast before the start of activities, so your snacking desires would surely be reduced.
• Charge energy
As long as you sleep, your body is not filled food for hours and your metabolism will slow down. With breakfast, you will return to the original speed of the body’s metabolism. You will be more energetic.
• Mandatory breakfast if you’re dieting
Diet is not a reason for you to miss breakfast. As described previously, the breakfast can speed up your metabolism and your body will burn calories faster during the move. Naturally balanced with exercise, too, huh!
• Increasing the concentration
Whatever your activity, be it go to school, college, school or taking a child to work, breakfast may increase concentration and focus you on the move.
A healthy and nutritious breakfast should consist of slowly digested carbohydrates (such as fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products) were offset by a protein (eggs, cheese, tofu). The key is to replace your high-fat breakfast like fried bananas or coffee, into breakfast a higher fiber and protein. This will keep you full longer and stop you snacking desires.
Some examples breakfast low in calories (<300 calories) is a cereal grain with fruit and a glass of low-fat milk, whole wheat bread with low-fat cheese, pieces of fresh fruit with low-fat yogurt, smoothies (with low-fat milk) fruit and vegetables, and oatmeal with fruit topping.

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