Importance of Children Playing Outside Home

Play is how children learn and stimulate brain development and motor systems. Even so, there are many parents who forbid their children to play outside, citing fears for various diseases. Really the way we protect children by prohibiting them from playing outside?
Benefits of Children Playing Outside Home
Here are some advantages of children playing outside the house:
⦁ Socialization: Active children playing outside the house will meet a lot of friends his age, they will learn to socialize with each other how to interact and communicate with each other. In addition, playing outside will hone tolerance and empathy in children. Of course this is a very positive effect for the child’s emotional development.
⦁ Improve children’s intelligence: Children who are actively playing both inside and outside the home will have a good intelligence. Children will recognize many objects, either by seeing, hearing, and touch. The more objects are recognized, the more memory stored. Communicate with others will make record of new words and practice answering questions. These activities will stimulate the child’s brain to develop properly.
⦁ Become healthier: When outside the home, the child will be a lot of running, laughing, joking, and perform other physical activities. These activities will make the motor development of children is growing, muscles and bones will also become stronger as a result of exposure to sunlight is sufficient. Physical activity can increase the activity of antibodies in children, so that children become sick. Playing also makes children happy and excited, and based on psychological science, kids were delighted to experience excellent growth.
⦁ Preventing obesity: Activities in the house such as watching television, playing video games, and play gadget, make children become lazy to move. Of course it can make children obese. Children who are obese will be at risk for various diseases, especially cardiovascular. Children who love to play outside will do a lot of physical activity, so it will prevent children from the risk of osteoporosis.
Rules Kids Playing Outside Home
What you can do to a child to stay safe outdoor play are:
Teach the habit of washing hands every time the child came from outside the house. Similarly Teach children to always wash their hands before and after meals. Washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of disease transmission through the hands of up to 98%.
Train the child to wash your feet when you get home. Walking is also a part of the body that are loaded with germs. It lies under the feet are very susceptible makes sharing contaminated by germs, both viral and bacterial.
Shower after playing. Shower using antiseptic soap after playing can eliminate germs on the child’s body. Teach children to bathe properly, the whole body should be exposed by the soap, so the germs in difficult areas will die.
Provide a balanced nutritional intake. When playing outside, children have lost a lot of calories and are exposed to germs. Foods with a balanced nutrient content will be able to meet the nutritional needs of children as well as increase endurance, so kids do not get sick. Balanced nutritional intake of children in question, namely that contains enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. In addition, inadequate routine needs of children with some milk.
Set a break. After the play, children need a moment to restore physical fitness. It would be obtained if the child has enough sleep. While sleeping child’s body cells will regenerate, so the next day he came back excited to move. Turn off the television and keep it away from children’s gadget, because these objects makes it difficult child to rest.
Apparently so many benefits of children playing outside the house, is not it? So it is important for parents to allow their children to play outside. However, parents should not forget to always keep it clean, so that children are not prone to various diseases. In addition, choose the right time for children to play outside, the morning and evening, when the sun is not too hot and good for the body.

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