Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

Australia, the land of Kangaroos, is enriched with spectacular natural beauty due to an island surface. The eye-appealing beauty of Australia is the cause of visitors attraction towards it. The visitors and nature explorers around the globe love to enjoy the views of glittering sand beaches, hot deserts, dense rain forests, the mountain valleys and artificially build giant buildings of Australia. The Island is always a GOD gifted beauty to the earth species, for men and every kind of living organisms. Australia is the smallest Continent by area size and the population as well. If you ever visited Australia, you can imagine the appealing beauty of the Island, even if I say it’s beyond imagination allure, it wouldn’t be wrong. Let read more about the splendid nature of Australia, and explore the list of top 10 best places to visit in Australia.
10: Adelaide
Historically the city is known as the city of churches, and the fifth largest town in Australia is the capital of South Australia. The Adelaide has eye-catching places to see, which includes very unusual historical buildings, the sunshine beaches, the spelling natural beauty, and walk on the hills. Adelaide is also famous among natives due to the historic art galleries, museums, drink and dine at bars and much more.
9: Darwin
Darwin is a famous international city and capital of the Northern region of Australia. Darwin is not just popular for its beautiful vantage places but also got significance because of very distinguished sea pearls, opals, and diamonds of many kinds. Darwin is the attraction of the tourists and visitors for many years and provides many tourism facilities like magical shopping markets, fishing, and boating on the coast of the sea. The visitors loving adventure can have this opportunity as well. There are lots of adventurous places in the city as well. Darwin city has different kinds of food stalls and 60 kinds of cuisine that can be tasted in the city. Aussies are the most exciting place to visit during vacations and festivals.

  1. Brisbane
    Brisbane is also a beautiful city in Australia and the capital of the state of Queensland. It is also the 3rd largest town in Australia concerning population after Sydney and Melbourne. The Splendid scenery views and the beautiful architecture of the city have drawn thousands of visitors and tourists on a daily basis. That is the reason why it’s growing rapidly about the population. The travelers and the tourists captured a remarkable journey by visiting this city. It is worth beauty that could not be appreciated by just words. However, I should say my words have no value as compared to the beautiful city of Australia.
  2. Bondi Beach
    The glittering sand and freshwater of the Bondi Beach are attractive enough to catch millions of visitors yearly. Bondi Beach is 6 KM away from the main city and 10 minutes drive on the car can take you to Bondi Beach. There are some restaurants, coffee shops, and many other shopping centers. People of Australia love this place to visit on the weekend and special events like Christmas day. The coastal strip makes the beach more stunning because of the sand dunes and coastal reefs. The Bondi Beach is very unsafe for swimming as the robust and high tides of waves can sweep the swimmer in the deepwater of the sea. So there it’s a particular region allocated for the swimming, and no one allows crossing this area.
  3. Perth
    Perth is another larger city and the capital of Western Australia, having an antique and modern architecture. Perth is separate and far away from the other big cities of Australia. The City is constructed on modern age techniques and famous for the shopping malls, restaurants, and nightclubs. Also, there are more places that you can see in Perth like the rivers and sandy beaches make it worth for the tourists. Perth is one of the beautiful cities to visit in Australia.
  4. Melbourne
    The most visited place by International visitors is the Melbourne city, the most populous and beautiful city of Australia. The Melbourne is also called the city of tourism because the city consisted of numerous restaurants, sports complex, fiery nightclubs, stunning shopping malls, fashion shows, and festivals enhances the tourism activities making it a worthy place to visit. The Melbourne is very famous concerning sport among Aussies; the Melbourne cricket stadium is the largest and the only roof-covered stadium. Also, there is other sports ground as well, like hockey, football, and rugby.
  5. Cairns
    The gateway to the Coral Reef Queensland Australia, and the Aussies best place to visit during the vacations or holiday enjoyment. A very famous place for recreational activities in Australia is the Cairns, which offers a lot of facilities to the tourists like swimming, diving, boating, and snorkeling. Besides this amusement, there are few lodges and restaurants for the visitors to live in and make more fun and for rest.
  6. Alice Springs
    Alice Springs is the third-best place to visit in Australia. It is the heart and central part of the Australian desert valley, catching the attention of the visitors for many years. That is the reason why the population of the city has also grown dramatically in the 80s and gradually increasing. The Alice Spring is an old and ancient valley, that offers the visitors many recreation activities, which include, hiking, antique art galleries, few small museums that make the place worthy to visit.
  7. Great Barrier Reef
    Colors of the Great Barrier ReefThe great barrier reef located in Queensland’s and one of the largest living organisms on this earth, which can also see from the other planets like a moon. The great reef is made up of billions of small organisms that combine to make a giant structure of corals. CNN also considered one of the wonders of the world on earth. This iconic place is one of the most beautiful and astonishing places to visit.
  8. Sydney
    Sydney, a world-renowned city, is the best place first to visit in Australia. In Australia Sydney, the Opera House is one of the best vantage places to visit. The opera house is white in color bear resemblance with the great seashells and an iconic building in the world. Besides the Opera House, Sydney is the capital of new south wales and spectacular harbor. The people have been in Sydney ever, are the witness of the unbelievable scenery of the glorious place.

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