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PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:20 pm 

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IV Sedation is not available where I live, not even at Planned Parenthood, you have to go about an hour away to Florida, which is better anyway because they do not make you wait 24 hours in between the consultation and the procedure.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:21 pm 

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Yeah...Florida is deffinately the way to go if you live in AL. Fortunately I am not in need of such services now but 6 years ago during my freshman year of college....that's a different story. It really angers me about the 24 hour informed consent thing in AL. When I did need help, I was in school and could not afford to miss class 2 days just so that they could lecture me for one and then go back and wait the next morning for an appointment. It's such a load of....Anyways, I'm just grateful that I had a choice.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:21 pm 

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I dont wish to scare anyone with this more get out of my system my experience and therefore advice.

I was 11 weeks gone when I had a Medical termination 10 days ago. My initial appointment to book the termination was fine, no judgement ad the staff were friendly, though in hindsight, told me very little. I had decided on a medical as it seemed less intrusive and no operation needed, I would never make the same decision again had I been informed the differences.

My appointment for the termination was at 8am in a general hospital, I arrived alone, my choice, a bit scared but thought lets just get on with it I will be home by 6pm at the latest. WRONG! I was told to wait in the waiting room with 3 other women, we obviously didnt talk to each other as we were all so nervous and scared. What we didnt know until 11am was there were no beds but they couldnt send us home as we had already taken the first pill 2 days previous. I had to wait for 7 hours until a bed became available, I didnt get to the ward until 4pm, awful. When I did get there I realised this was a mixed ward and of the four women on it I was the only one there having an abortion, it would have been the same for the other women I was waiting with.

I was pointed towards the bed, a pair of disposable pants and hospital garnment pratically thrown at me. By this point I was scared, uninformed and alone, I didnt even know that I could insert the four tablets myself. A doctor came in and asked if a medical student could witness the next steps, I refused as I didnt know what was going on and didnt need spectators. When she came back in she briefly explained to insurt the tablets, dont move for half hour and then it should start to work. An hour later the pain kicked in and I was in agony, I asked for painkillers, I was in tears and faint form the pain, I was given 2 parecetemol which were obviously pointless, I vomited form the pain and so the painkillers appeared to come with it, the bedpan literally had the water I had drank for the pills and a white residue, the painkillers! I asked for more as I was still in crippling pain and had vomited the last lot, I was told not be so so stupid they had already dissolved in me and not allowed anymore. This bought me to tears again, I was confused and in so much pain. Bear in mind as I got to the ward late, it was now visiting hours and I could hear patients friends and family around them which made me uncomfortable as I didnt know what was going to happen.

The pain got so bad I didnt know what to do, stand, sit, rock. I eventually got a pillow crunched it to my stomach and rocked on the bed, crying my eyes out. A lovely Irish nurse came in and saw the state of me and gave me a shot of morphine and and a hug. I so wish I knew her name to go back and thank her for her kindness and understanding.
The morphine was a revelation, it calmed me down and I stayed in the same position for a good hour, the tears stopped and a very good friend came up to see me and somehow made me laugh. Everytime I went to the loo I had to leave the deposit in a bedpan for the nurses to examine, there was quite a bit of blood but not that much, I guessed it wasnt working as well as it should but noone told me anything, in fact they barely spoke to me, just kept grunting at me to turn off the call button after they came. I wasnt a difficult patient but a bit scared and blind to what was happening. It got to about 8pm and my friend left when my partner came, he was hoping to be able to take me home in a couple of hours as I had hoped too. He was told he could wait in the day room as visiting hours were over until he could take me home, then the sister came in and spoke to hinm while I was in the toilet, told him to go home as I was going no where, explained to him what was happening. He asked her to tell me as I was confused and upset, she never did, he had to call me from the carpark to tell me what she had said. Another nurse came in told me to insert 2 more tablets as nothing was happening. I did so and the pain kicked in again.
At 11pm an obnoxious doctor with no bedside manner came in told me to take off my pants so he could examine me, again bear in mind its 11pm and none of the women on the ward were in for the same thing, they shined what felt like a floodlight on me and told me to open my legs, very loudly, I couldnt relax and he shouted at me that he couldnt do his job while I was so tense, I shouted back that talking to me like that wasnt helping, I was in tears again, I eventually relaxed and he said it wasnt happening yet and I could go home, the complete opposite to what the sister had just said, he apologised and said no I couldnt, I couldnt believe he could be so insensitive and check his facts before giving me a glimmer of hope that I could go home.

The pain got worse and I couldnt sleep, about 2 am I passed what was needed and then the placenta an hour later and eventually fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.
I got up at 8 am and just wanted to go home, I had to wait an hour for another doctor to give me the all clear, she did but said to wait for my paperwork to be sorted. I waited and waited and then went to seek the nurse. She said I should have left and told me not to have sex for 2 weeks and not use tampons for 2 periods to avoid infection.

I left, went home and felt relieved it was over. From the leaflet I was given I knew there would be bleeding and period like pains but I could go back to work on Monday. The following day I went into town and saw a friend, I was fine, no pain, bit of bleeding but that was expected. Some friends came over that night and we had a laugh and I thought it had been a rubbish experience in hospital but it was over and I felt relieved.

The next day the pain was kicking in but still okay for work. By Tuesday (4 days post termination) I got home from work and was in crippling pain, the bleeding was horrendous, I sat on the toilet in agony and blood literally pouring from me. I was scared I hadnt expected this and called the ward as instructed by the leaflet if worried, I was greeted with, and I quote "well if the pain is bad enough you will go to a&e (ER) wont you, bye"

I couldnt believe it, I called NHS direct, a service where you can speak to a nurse, she was blantantly using a flow chart when I told her my symptoms. She told me that this was normal and it was my uterus contracting now my body realised there was no baby there, this made sense but the bleeding was worrying and the pain uncontrollable. My flatmate gave me the strongest painkillers we could find in the flat and I took double the normal dose, bad I know but I was in so much pain. I called my GP the following morning and saw him that day.

He explained again what my body was doing and said I really should have gone to A&E the night before with bleeding that heavy, they could have performed an operation to remove left behind tissue but that I had probably done it naturally by now, but should it reoccur not to hesitate. He told me what to take, codeine, and to rest, he signed me off for 7 days and implored me to drink plenty of fluids and relax. I did just that and go back to work day after tomorrow. Im much better and the worse is over. I have cramps and bleeding at least once a day that are bad but I know how to deal with it now. The first few days it was 3 times a day and crippling, I couldnt eat and was taking a lot of codeine. I weaned myself of that and went to normal painkillers and am eating normally now.

Im so angry that I wasnt given explanations of what to expect and the difference between medical and surgical. I have only just found this site and would have found it very useful. I think doctors and clinics should point patients in the direction of such sites to help with informed decisions and experiences as they are clearly not in the business of telling us.

I just wanted to ask someone who had been through it recently if what was happening was normal, could I do anything to help the pain, was there anything I shouldnt do etc... so if anyone wants to ask me anything at all, go ahead ask and I will tell you if I know, I would love to be able to help someone through what I have just come out the other side of. I had no doubt of the decision I made and if I had it would have been even harder.

So a few quick tips
1. Dont push away your friends, let them in and let them help you especially after, you will need them.
2. Read up and make an informed decision, I wish I had had a surgical procudure
3. Get painkillers in and make sure they are right for you with your pain threshold, the leaflet says it is like strong period pains, wrong! Times that by 5 and your somewhere near!
4. Hot water bottles are the way forward, I couldnt have been without mine, in fact get 2, one for your lower back and one for the front, they really helped me.

Hope this helps someone, sorry its so long

PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:22 pm 

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Here in the US, we will do not a medication abortion past 8-9 weeks.
It is not only too painful, but it has the higher risk of leaving tissue behind.
You would not have been treated so harshly here..
Medication abortion is not the best choice for most women, IMO.

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